Sell a property to Triple Crown

We want to buy your house FOR CASH . . .

There are many reasons for selling your home be it inheritance, emigration, the threat of repossession, ill health or you may be a fed-up landlord. In the current economic climate it could take months to sell your home which and would be a long, drawn-out and frustrating process and added on to this are the high fees charged by estate agents and solicitors. And you would possibly have to spend dead money on the home you want to sell to bring it up to the true market value. With Triple Crown Property you can sell your property and receive a fast cash payment.

  • We can do it quickly and simply
  • We take the property as it is
  • We cover all the costs
  • We pay cash


If you think you may be interested in selling to Triple Crown Property fill in the form opposite giving as much detail as possible or go to our Contact page and get in touch. We’d be glad to help.